Commercial Kitchen Rental

JL20140720_192728Is your love of baking about to get serious? Have your catering gigs outgrown your current kitchen? Perfect Temper Commercial Kitchen Rental is an ideal “next step” for chefs that are looking to grow their food-based business.

JL20140720_191829Our kitchen has the commercial size tools chefs need: ovens, stove, mixer, sinks and even an assistant if you need one. We’ve also got plenty of stainless steel workspace and storage, so you can spend less time lugging supplies and equipment and more time filling orders.

10551809_615407511912896_1428266219_nWe’re conveniently located at 6900 Alma Drive, #140 in Plano, TX, and we’re always open for business.

Our clients have access to the space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can easily reserve the time they need through our online calendar.

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